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Machitopia upgrades equipment to take advantage of dynamic shadow renderring technology. We now have a new high-end AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 with Nvidia GTX 280 OC graphics card and 1GB gddr3 memory. This machine is used exclusively during pre and post-production of machinima projects in various virtual world platforms. Check our recently released "Return to Big Falcon" video in our portfolio page to see the difference in quality.


Look for Machitopia's ad at this year's SLCC program. This year, the SLCC is held at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, CA. It is an opportunity for people of all interests to have fun and to learn about the many activities within the metaverse.


The Medaverse is on the forefront of the developing 3D web as an interactive and immersive alternative to browsing flat web pages. The hallmark of The Medaverse is the combination of interactive content as part of a greater medically based community. This is a place where visitors may find accurate information about health and disease while socializing in a safe and supportive environment. Regular events such as socials, seminars and sponsored conferences will enable members of the community to feel invested in their experience of continued learning and mutual support for others. The machinima created for this project is now showcased in our portfolio page.


Linden Lab invites individuals and businesses that have experience addressing the needs of real-world organizations in Second Life to join their Solution Provider Program. Machitopia joined the Solution Provider program as a recognized virtual world consultant. We are listed in the Solution Provider's Directory at the Second Life Grid.


Alameda County developed a whole island in Second Life for the purpose of creating a virtual polling place. The space will be used to promote the election process and educate first time voters. A machinima which provides an audio narrated overview of the whole sim was produced by Machitopia for the client. It is now viewable at our portfolio page. The Virtual Polling Place can be found in Second Life via direct SLurl to the Alameda County sim.


The Teutonic Knight, Shadow Templar, English Plate and Italinate Harness battle for dominance in the high dark ages of 1342. This video features the sculpted armours of The Medieval Corridor. Filmed and produced on location in Second Life by Machitopia. The machinima is now viewable at our portfolio page. Armours featured in this machinima (and more) can be found in Second Life via SLurl of The Medieval Corridor.


The Wyoming Film Office is holding the 2nd Annual Wyoming Short Film Contest open to all genres and filmmakers of all skill levels, including Machinima submissions. Deadline for submissions is April 30. Last year’s winner, David Gonzales from Jackson, WY, talks about applying and winning on the film office blog. Gonzales found out about the contest a few days before last year’s deadline, submitted four short videos and was surprised to win. The prize money is coming in especially handy for the filmmaker now due to the economic downturn. FMI: http://pitch.pe/5178

Machitopia is posting this news in behalf of Ms. Maria Hawkins.


A short film by Machitopia featuring the Gemini EVA Spacesuit. The Gemini space suit is a space suit worn by Gemini astronauts during the mid-1960's for launch, in-flight activities (including EVAs) and landing. This particular suit, the G4C suit was worn by all crews from Gemini 4 to its end and it was in this suit that Ed White made the first American spacewalk in 1965. The machinima was produced using a combination of Second Life and Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator. Now viewable at our portfolio page. You can find it via a direct SLurl to the Gemini EVA Spacesuit in-world. It is also listed at XstreetSL.com here.


Master Q's guide to virtual Feng Shui in RMB City. Directed by Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) and conceptualized by Huang He (SL: QueenShoe Voom). Now available at the other works section of our portfolio page.


Asia's pixel pop culture takes center stage in this machinima filmed and produced by Machitopia. Watch the most prominent locations of Second Life featured and don't miss the subtle commentaries about SL's eclectic universe. Now viewable at our portfolio page.


Mark your calendar for the grand opening of Machitopia island...our in-world studio and recording headquarters in Second Life. An in-world event will be held on Friday, February 27 at 6pm SLT. Machitopia's island is used exclusively for the recording and production of non-location specific scenes for our client machinimas.


Although in operation for over two years, Machitopia has now become a seperate entity all its own. Machitopia is the sister company of Avatrian...a full-service metaverse development company. It will independently handle all the machinima production services going forward. The account manager, Arie Oceanlane, will also be the primary contact for all studio related projects.

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