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Three packages for different objectives...

For videos that show in-world events as they occur. The final product is based on raw video captures from a live event or performance. This package is most suitable for producing an on-line tutorial, a quick documentary, or a news clip. Multiple machines are used for simultaneous recording of unscripted scenes. These videos can be delivered within a relatively short turnaround period.


For videos with commercial and advertising purpose. A virtual product or space is the focus during the development of the scenes. Some staging and preparation of the sets are done prior to the video captures. Music or audio narration is added to the final cut.

High Art

Machinimas intended for release in high-resolution and high quality fall into this category. This package includes substantial preparation and coordination for each scene to be included. Detailed storyboards are prerequisites during the planning stages of production. In addition, siginificant post-production work is used in creating the final output. This includes chroma keying, audio manipulation, mixed media combinations, caption placements, varying transition effects etc... Traditional techniques in cinematography are emphasized to produce aesthetically pleasing visuals .

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